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Badger Corporation is recognized world wide, as a respected, industrial and commercial auction, appraisal and liquidation firm since 1984. We are skilled in combining three important elements crucial to successful auctions.

  • An extensive knowledge of the assets being offered for sale.
  • An understanding of auction buyers and their needs.
  • The ability to stimulate interest and excite the auction audience.

Badger Corporation uses online tools to conduct auctions effectively and efficiently. We actively utilize all forms of social media and marketing forms available.

We look forward to seeing you at our next auction!

Find what you’re looking for at a remarkable price. Whether it is your first auction or you’re a seasoned bidder, Badger Corporation is here to assist you.


TedThe Day Before the Live Auction

  1. Review the auction catalog online posted on our website at
  2. If you have questions please contact our office and our staff will assist you.
  3. If you are planning on attending the live auction, Badger Corporation requires a $300 cash deposit or will hold a credit card during the auction.
  4. If you are planning on bidding online for the live auction create a user account and register for the auction through Proxibid.
  5. Sales tax applies and if you are tax exempt we will need a copy of your tax exemption certificate.

Inspections for Live Auctions

Most of our live auctions have inspection the day of the auction 1 ½ hours prior to start. There may be exceptions due to our customer requirements.


The Day of the Live Auction


We generally open the doors 1 ½ hours prior to start. We suggest you arrive early enough to give yourself enough time to complete registration. The auction generally starts promptly at scheduled start time.

Registering Online

If you prefer to bid online through our website, you will need to create an account and register, you can follow the link on our website to Proxibid. We suggest you do this prior to the start of the auction, at least a few hours. Once you have created an online account, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the auction, and the terms listed on our website. At the end of the online sale, all credit cards on file with Proxibid are processed automatically. The paid invoice is then emailed with removal times.

Registering at Live Auction

You will need to register if you would like to bid on items at the live auction site. When you register on site you will receive a bid number to identify you and the items you purchase. There will be cashiers using computers to register you as a buyer, you will then receive your bid number. You will be asked for a photo id and a credit card for the cashier to hold until you check out for the day.


Each lot item is tagged with a Badger Corporation sticker indicating the lot number and quantity. If there are multiple items available in lot and will be sold “times per money”. Example: If there are 20 baking sheets in Lot 1, and the winning bid was $2 (20 x $2 = $40).


The auctioneer will announce the bidding is being conducted on lot, he will say a “starting bid”. If you would like to bid at the price, raise your bidder number and make eye contact with the auctioneer and nod your head. When you are high bidder on an item, and the auctioneer says, “sold”, you are now the new owner of the item.


All items you “won” during the auction must be paid for in full on auction day. You may pay by cash or credit card. Once you have paid, you will receive a paid invoice, bring this paid invoice when you come to removal. Buyer also pays a percentage of sale (a buyers fee), local and state sales taxes, removal fees, if any, and shipping fees, if any.

Protecting your Purchases

When the auctioneer has said, “sold” this means transfer of ownership occurs, and the item becomes the responsibility of the buyer, even though the item hasn’t been paid for yet. Buyer shall pick up and remove all items during the scheduled removal times.


Badger Corporation will have scheduled days/times following the auction to remove your equipment. Be sure to check the terms for removal of each auction. Rarely are there additional days available for removal. All salvage/removal work must be approved by Badger Corporation.


It is your responsibility to contact a shipping company to schedule trucking.


Have fun at the auction!


Depending on the amount of lots in the auction, it can get to be a long day. We suggest bringing water and snacks. Normally there isn’t a concession stand on site.


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