9645 E. Colonial #101, Orlando, FL 32817

This online auction has various items; Stainless Hood, Stainless Table, Walk in Cooler, Tyler Refrigerated Case, Metro Max Carts, Hobart 200T Mixer, Panasonic Pro 2 Convection Oven. 

Began: 03/23/18 at 4:00 PM EDT
Ended: 04/04/18 at 10:30 AM EDT
Began: 04/05/18 at 8:00 AM EDT
Ended: 04/05/18 at 5:00 PM EDT
Location: 9645 E. Colonial #101, United States, Orlando, FL 32817

Began: 04/06/18 at 8:00 AM EDT
Ended: 04/06/18 at 5:00 PM EDT
Location: 9645 E. Colonial #101, United States, Orlando, FL 32817


lotnum lead description1 quantity
1 Structural Concepts Dry Bakery Case Missing one door and glass shelves M: MP48 SN: DE127624 1
2 Display Counter 4ftx25ft Includes glass 1
3 Wood Nesting Tables   3
4 30″x30″ Wood Table   3
5 Floor Rug 6’x9′ 1
6 Floor Rug 4’x7′ 1
7 Floor Rugs   2
8 Wood Display   1
9 Wire Bulk Bin   1
10 Rolling Wood Display   1
11 New Aluminum Pans (10) 18”x26” Aluminum Pans (5) 13”x18” Aluminum Pans 15
12 Wire Display   6
13 Rolling Privacy Wall   1
14 Marco 6′ Table   2
15 Tree   1
16 Wall Decor   3
17 Book Shelves   2
18 Handmade Wood Crafted Boxes and Tray   3
19 Clock   1
19a Decor Lot   1
20 Wall Pictures   2
21 Shelving Display   1
22 Checkout Counter   1
23 Hanging Chandelier   1
24 Tall Standing Sign Holder   1
25 Checkout Counter   1
26 MetroMax 4′ Carts   4
27 Metromax  3′ Carts   5
28 Metromax Carts (1) 5ft (1) 6ft 2
29 Metromax 2′ Cart   1
30 Wood 10′ Counter   1
31 Rolling 7′ Counter   1
32 Merchandiser   1
33 Sign Holder   1
34 24’x10′ Walk in Cooler One 4 Fan Evap Includes Door 1
35 Work Table   1
36 Magic Chef Refrigerator   1
37 Mr Coffee Coffee Pots   2
38 Rubbermaid Mop Bucket   2
39 Umbrella Bag Stands   3
40 Track Lights   20
41 Structural Concepts Dry Bakery Case M: wg3855 SN: CJ142892 Missing Front glass 1
42 Wood Cabinet   1
43 Stainless Steel 10′ Hood   1
44 Structural Concepts 4′ Ref Prep Case Self Contained Roll around M: FSP4837R SN: GS284037 Missing one side glass 1
45 Structural Concepts Ref Case M: Mp5348RSS SN: BJ142047 self contained Roll around 1
46 Structural Concepts Ref Case Self contained 4ft Roll around M: mp3578rss SN: 142049 1
47 Ingredient Bins   5
48 Hanging Sign Holders   2
49 Panasonic Pro 2 Convection Microwave M: Ne3280 SN: n/a 1
50 New Duke Combitherm Steamer M:E101EV SN: 08171753 1
51 Structural Concepts Dry Bakery Case M: MP48 SN: N/A Missing Shelves 1
52 Alto Shaam Combitherm w/ Stand Sn:433578 M: 1010ML Works needs glass 1
53 Alto Shaam Combitherm w/ Stand M:1010ES SN: 1315867 Works 1
54 Stainless Steel Computer Cabinet   1
55 Giles Deep Fryer M: GEF720 SN: 90907 1
56 Complete Stainless Breading Station   1
57 Copper Pan   1
58 Cake Pan Set   5
59 Stainless Steel Table 6′ with Poly top   1
60 24’x30′ Stainless Steel Table Frame Missing poly top 1
61 Stainless Steel 6′ Table   1
62 Stainless Steel 6′ Table   1
63 Hobart 20Qt Mixer with Stand   1
63a Hobart 20qt  Stainless Mixing Bowl   2
63b Hobart 20qt. Whisk   1
63c Intertek Mixing Hook   1
63d 20Qt Mixing Paddle   1
64 Black, White & Silver 10-12in Misc Block Letters   1
65 Bakery Utensil Lot   1
66 Knives and Scissors Lot   1
67 Ladle and Spreader Lot   1
68 Tupperware Lot With Cake top Display   1
69 Cake Pans   4
70 Cake Pan Set   6
71 Vollrath 2/3 Stainless Steel Pans   3
72 Vollrath 1/2 Stainless Steel Pan   7
73 Vollrath 1/4 Stainless Steel Pan   2
74 Wire Bin with Plastic Inside   11
75 Full Vollrath Stainless Steel Pans   5
76 60” Toshiba Television Works No Remote M:50hp66 1
77 Madix Gondola Shelving Misc Sizes (21) 73in Tall (3) 80in Tall (4) 55in Tall 28
78 Rolling Dowels/Pins 1-12″ rolling pin 1-18″rolling pin 6-54″ rolling dowels 1
79 Rolling Dowels/Pins 1- 12″ Rolling pin 1- 18″ Rolling pin 6- 54″ Rolling dowel 1
80 Stainless Steel Hand Sink   1
81 43″X32″ Stainless Steel 3-Well Dish Sink on Casters with Faucet and Chemstar Dispenser Casters  with Faucet 1
82 2001 GMC HD 3500 RWD 16′ Box Truck 5.7L, Automatic, Gas, 119,300+ mi., Cold A/C,  Clean Title, Cab Access Door to Box, Pullout  Loading Ramp, Dually Rear end Serial 1GDHG31R211900869 1
83 Sealy Powered Adjustable Bed with Remote Twin Long 1
84 Lot of Misc. Full and Queen Bed Frames   1
85 2003 Toyota Prius Hybrid 4Dr Hybrid 125,000 miles, needs work Serial JT2BK12U210019622 1


Payment Terms:

A valid credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express) is required to bid at this auction. If the bidder is an international bidder the only form of payment will be via wire transfer, which must be received in our office by 12pm CST the day following the auction. Everything MUST be paid for in full at the conclusion of the auction. The card will be charged at the end of the auction. Bidder further agrees that under no circumstances will he/she initiate a charge-back on his/her credit card.  Auctioneer reserves the right to charge your credit card at the drop of the gavel. PLEASE NOTE: NO REFUND WILL BE GRANTED IF BUYER DOES NOT MAKE CONTACT WITH BADGER CORPORATION AND ITEMS ARE ABANDONED.

Invoices will only be emailed after payment has been received.

If you need to use a credit card that is not on file to pay for the items you have won, you must contact us prior to the end of the sale.

Special Terms of Sale

This auction is protected by Proxibid’s Unified User Agreement unless specific terms are stated below. By bidding in this auction, prospective bidders agree to be bound by the following:


Standard Terms and Conditions

International Bidders- Please read International Terms Carefully

  1. Defined Terms.
    1. Buyer” means any individual, entity, or organization that bids on any item for Sale.
    2. Sale” means an online or in person auction facilitated by Badger Corporation.
    3. Badger” means Badger Corporation.
    4. Customer” means a person or entity that contracts with Badger to perform a Sale on Customer’s behalf.
  1. Requirements for Participation in Sale.
    1. Registration. To register for an auction a Buyer must deposit cash, a wire transfer, a major credit card, a letter of credit, or a wire transfer, or other certified funds approved by Badger. Online Buyers must provide Badger with a valid major credit 24 hours before the start of the Sale.
    1. Authorized Rep. to Guarantee Payment. The authorized representative of any corporate Buyer who participates in the Sale shall provide Badger with a statement signed by a principal, director or officer certifying that he or she shall personally guarantee any payment due to Badger. This may be waived by Badger in writing.
    1. Buyer’s Fee & Sales Tax. Unless a different Buyer’s Fee is posted, a “Buyer’s Fee” of 20% shall be added to all purchases and where applicable, sales tax shall also be added.
  1. Valuation of Items. The Buyer’s determination of its bid is based upon its own examination of the item, and not in reliance on any representations made by Badger or third-parties online or elsewhere. BUYER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE VALUATION OF ALL ITEMS PURCHASED. Furthermore, Badger makes no guarantees to Customer that any item will sell, or sell for a price desired by Customer.
  1. Errors in Bidding. Badger is not responsible for bidding errors made by Buyer. A Buyer shall bid on the correct itemlot and shall be certain that the bid is an amount (plus the Buyer’s Fee) that the Buyer is willing and able to pay.
  1. Errors in Sales Listings. Badger is not responsible for any errors in the listing of any item available at a Sale. Customer is responsible for ensuring all listings accurately reflect the items. Owner/Seller Reserves the right to end the sale at anytime. Owner/Seller reserve the right to withdraw items from the sale at any time before, during or after bidding is complete. In the event of removal after bidding is complete, the high bidders sole remedy shall be the refund of the amount actually paid if payment has been made.
  1. All Sales Final. Once Badger has announced the winning Buyer, said Buyer is unconditionally bound to pay for the item and Buyer’s Fee. ALL SALES ARE FINAL AND ALL ITEMS ARE SOLD “AS IS” WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED OF ANY KIND, PROVIDED BY BADGER.
  1. Payment by Buyer. All amounts due are denominated in United States Dollars unless otherwise noted. By participating in any Sale, Buyer personally and unconditionally guarantees payment to Badger. Further, Buyer shall not initiate a charge-back on his or her credit card after payment has been made to Badger.
    1. United States Based Buyers. Payment for items purchased by US based Buyers is due upon completion of the Sale. Payment must be made with credit card, cash, or cashier’s check. Unless otherwise agreed, Badger shall charge Buyer’s Card On File automatically upon completion of the Sale.
    1. International Buyers. Due to regulatory reasons, we can only accept WIRE transfers on most International Transactions. If you are a new international bidder, please contact our corporate office at Badger Corporation to find out our terms so we can allow you to bid.


If Badger must call or otherwise contact Buyer to complete payment, Buyer agrees to pay an additional fee of 5% of the gross sales price to Badger. If any Credit Card offered by Buyer is declined, a fee of $10 per card declined will be paid by Buyer to Badger. If any check offered by Buyer is not honored, an additional fee of $50 will be paid by Buyer to Badger. Buyer is responsible for attorney’s fees, court costs, disbursements, and expenses associated with Badger’s collection of outstanding invoices from Buyer. Any amounts not timely paid shall accrue interest at the rate of 1.5% per month until paid.

  1. Payment by Customer. All amounts due to Badger are payable immediately upon completion of the Sale, or as otherwise agreed upon between Customer and Badger. Customer agrees to pay all amounts requested by Badger, including but not limited to: commission, cancellation fees, lost commission & profits, attorney’s fees, and all other costs incurred by Badger.
  1. Pick Up & Shipping. Buyer shall pick up and remove all items during the scheduled removal times. If Buyer fails to do so, all items left behind shall be considered abandoned and Badger shall not be liable to Buyer in any way. Buyer is responsible for organizing any shipping arrangements for delivery of purchased items.
  1. Lost or Stolen Items. Badger shall not be responsible to Buyer or Customer for any lost or stolen items.

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