About Badger Corporation

Badger Corporation, is a nationally recognized and respected industrial and commercial auction and appraisal firm whose name has been synonymous with auction and appraisal services for more than two decades. Our key to success has been the professional and confidential manner in which clients are served.

Continued use and referral of Badger Corporation is the best evidence of client satisfaction and is one of the important reasons the business continues to grow.

We take pride at Badger Corporation in serving clients expediently and professionally. Badger Corporation is headquartered in Wisconsin, with branches throughout the United States.

Corporate Offices: Wisconsin • Illinois • South Carolina • Oklahoma • Missouri • Florida • Georgia
Office Hours:
Monday – Friday • 8:00 A.M. – 4:30 P.M

Green Initiative – Our goal is simple…

Sustainability is a core component of our services. Badger Corporation is dedicated to achieving a ZERO waste policy and pride ourselves as being an environmentally friendly firm. We are committed to keep our communities clean and act responsibly for the benefit of our company, our clients, and the environment.

Badger Corporation encourages the use of sustainable practices from each of our partners and affiliates.

We have worked with, and helped develop recycling strategies with Major retailers that were closing or remodeling stores, resulting in cost savings and a better environment. We are a proud leader in the effort to minimize our environmental footprint.

Our ZERO waste policy is based on three principles: REUSE, REDUCE and RECYCLE

  • REUSE:  We reuse items to stop waste at the source and avoid that item’s entry into the waste collection and disposal system. Reusing helps reduce waste disposal costs, because it avoids the costs of recycling and land filling.
  • REDUCE:  Our reduction efforts are aimed at conserving natural resources, reducing toxicity of waste, and reducing costs. Using fuel efficient vehicles, selecting non-hazardous or less hazardous items when possible, and maximizing the utilization of our assets help to achieve a reduction of our environmental footprint.
  • RECYCLE:  Our recycling efforts span the entire scope of our operations. From our internal processes to the work that we do with our partners and clients, we are able to implement our values. Using recycled products and sorting recyclable materials whenever possible, Badger Corporation maintains our commitment to go GREEN. Through these efforts we are able to recycle items that would otherwise be turned into waste.


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